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Friday Review – Xcrawl

What do you get if you cross Dungeons and Dragons universe, the concept of WWE pay per-views and the 1980's? Normally the answer would be a hot mess, but in reality when you combine these three things you get X-Crawl. X-Crawl sounds insane, and like something that would never work. Well yes it is insane… Continue reading Friday Review – Xcrawl

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Friday Review – Tales of Equestria RPG

When I was seven I was first introduced to the intoxicating world of Role Play Gaming, it has been a world that I have been lucky enough to spend over 20 years enjoying. I have met some amazing people through a shared love of gaming, both in real life and on line. I stumbled into… Continue reading Friday Review – Tales of Equestria RPG

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Finished Off Elf nouveau gloves. 

So my second finished knit this month, and yes it's another pair of gloves. Except these are a very rare knit. These are knitted for me! Like most knitters I find I'm usually the person with the least hand knitted things, so anything I actually finish for me is a rarity. I actually finished them… Continue reading Finished Off Elf nouveau gloves.