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WIP Wednesday – Biggest WIP yet.

Wednesdays are traditionally WIP days when you look at what you're working on. Well due to the length of time it's taken me to adapt to the change in my meds and the fact that it's been hot as hell. (Yes I'm talking about the heatwave, I'm British I can complain about the weather as… Continue reading WIP Wednesday – Biggest WIP yet.

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Still Juggling

So back in April I posted that I was pretty confident I was finally getting a hang of juggling children, pain and my new medication. Well looks like the universe was less impressed with my assumption and pulled the rug out from under my feet. As a result I was left feeling like a space… Continue reading Still Juggling

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WIP Wednesday – Pain in the neck.

So I vanished for a while no the yarn monster didn't eat me alive (as Hubby fears it probably will once it becomes sentient) nor did I accidentally fall into a parallel universe whilst trying to traverse Girl childs room. I've actually been taking a break due to my cronic neck pain being, well a… Continue reading WIP Wednesday – Pain in the neck.