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WIP Wednesday – Still brushing… 

A brief WIP Wednesday as I’m still chugging along with my projects. Although I have a confession as this week I have also been spending time stealing monster eggs on my DS. I’ll explain more Friday.

Part of this week was devoted to sorting out my patterns from magazines and its finally done my patterns live in an order yay. I would like to thank my assistant Amber the Persian diva. Who helped… Actually no she didn’t help she slept on my pages and demanded fuss. 

I’ve started a second Troll hat but I’m still brushing the first. Bit slow on that as the change to autumn has aggravated my nerve problems so brushing the fluff is painful. 

Rainbow poncho had a few more rows but I think it might be hexed as every time I sit down to it someone is after me to do something. I think I might need to hide somewhere like a shack in the woods to finish it. 

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